Saturday, April 25, 2009

Adrenal Alerts, 4/25/09

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Honoring an inspiration
Galesburg Register-Mail - Galesburg,IL,USA
By TOM LOEWY Right now she is a 15-year-old girl fighting adrenocortical carcinoma, an aggressive cancer originating in the cortex of the adrenal gland. ...
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Pharmacy giving hormone talks - Don Mills,Ontario,Canada
Adrenal Fatigue can often mirror symptoms of menopause. The adrenal gland makes up for other endocrine deficiences in the body and will often become over ...
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From Chaos to Consilience
Psychiatric Times - New York,NY,USA
For example, having a tumor in the thyroid complicates understanding of what a pancreatic or adrenal tumor is doing, and vice versa. ...
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Aldosterone Provides New Treatment for Age-Related Hearing Loss
Natural - Phoenix,AZ,USA
Aldosterone is a steroid hormone from the mineralocorticoid family, produced in the adrenal cortex. It regulates kidney function and plays a role in ...
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Beware of too much potassium
St. Augustine Record - St. Augustine,FL,USA
Nonfunctioning adrenal glands and red blood cells breaking up in the circulation can cause potassium elevation. You can do nothing on your own about these ...


Lower Levels Of Vitamin D Linked To Asthama Severity In Kids
TopNews - Noida,Uttar Pradesh,India
... with augmented hyperreactivity and were likely to have utilized more inhaled adrenal cortical steroids, all symptomatic of higher asthma harshness. ...

Our Tortured Soul
Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun - Ithaca,NY,USA
Your lungs scream for air, your nerve synapses fire in a panic to the adrenal glands and release a painful adrenaline rush, brutally increasing your heart ...


Wellington Advertiser - Wellington,ON,Canada
The internist explained: "Exercise or tension causes an adrenal rush, which should energize your muscles. But it does the opposite, causing muscles to ...

Community Calendar: Del Mar
Del Mar Times - Del Mar,CA,USA
-Wellness 101 lecture on thyroid and adrenal hormones: 6:45 to 8: 45 pm Stratford Inn, 710 Camino Del Mar. Free. To sign up, call 481-9854 or e-mail ...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Adrenal Blog Alerts, April 20, 2009

MaryO'Note: Since these are blogs, I have no idea how accurate any of this info may be...

Kevin's Journey: The Lonely Adrenal
By Kevin Anderson
The adrenal glands live just above each kidney. (Hence the name ad-renal) Even though they are small in size and well hidden deep inside the body, they are very busy. Among the myriad of useful stuff they make to keep us alive and ...
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Adrenal Fatigue, A Desk Reference | About Books : Bestseller/New ...
By admin
Many illnesses, from chronic diseases such as AIDS and cancer to food intolerances can be traced to underlying adrenal weakness. Drawing from the experience gained whilst working as a nutritional consultant and the questions posed on ...
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The Quickest Way To Lose 5 - 10lbs In Two Weeks Or Less With Some ...
By Healthy Family
Adrenal stress is common in many people who have to deal with many stresses. I had adrenal stress and caffeine will adversely affect your adrenal system. This is a topic we will discuss in the near future. ...
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Adrenal Question - MESO-Rx
Did I screw my adrenals up with 2 years of Adderall use (heavy dose). AND can someone give me a short on how to help remedy the problem if so.?? Cause.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Adrenal Blog Alerts, April 17, 2009

MaryO'Note: Since these are blogs, I have no idea how accurate any of this info may be...

Health And Fitness | Stress - types, causes and cures (part three ...
By Andrew Tomkinson
The release of adrenal hormones under stress can have a significant impact on blood sugar levels. Adrenaline causes sugar in the liver to be put into the blood stream and cortisol acts to reduce the metabolism of glucose by cells. ...
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Prevail Your Food Desire | Diet Recipes
By admin
In case of Adrenal Fatigue also the body sends a signal to the brain for a pick-me-up and that is your craving for sugar or carbohydrate snacks, or may be, coffee during the day; at night you may look for alcohol or carbohydrates. ...
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Asthma Treatments - Relievers and Preventers
It is the quick-acting hormone from the middle of the adrenal glands near our kidneys. It makes your pulse race, makes your heart thump, and readies your body for emergency action. In asthma, the medicines which resemble adrenaline ...
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Rachel and Family: 7 Toxic Emotions
By Rachel and Family
Unfortunately, our body will only produce so much adrenaline before the adrenal glands are just wiped out. That's why Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome has been dubbed the Disease of the 21st Century. The Bible has the antidote for EVERY one of ...
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Addison's Disease Alert, April 12, 2009

Addison’s Disease | Puckett's Projects
By D.Puckett
by Jed Mercurio Kennedy was nothing if not a chemical man, at little more than 40 already treated variously for Addison's disease, thyroid deficiency, gastric and urinary ailments, venereal disease, high cholesterol, allergies, asthma, ...
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