Friday, March 29, 2013

Multisystem Morbidity and Mortality in Cushings Syndrome: a Cohort Study

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 03/28/2013  Clinical Article

Dekkers O.M. et al.– To examine the risks for mortality, cardiovascular disease, fractures, peptic ulcers, and infections in CS patients before and after treatment.Cushing’s syndrome (CS) is associated with hypercoagulability, insulin resistance, hypertension, bone loss, and immunosuppression. To date, no adequately large cohort study has been performed to assess the multisystem effects of CS. It was concluded that despite the apparently benign character of the disease, CS is associated with clearly increased mortality and multisystem morbidity, even before diagnosis and treatment.
  • The study used Cox–regression, and computed hazard ratios (HR) with 95% confidence intervals (95% CI).
  • Morbidity was investigated in the three years before diagnosis; morbidity and mortality was assessed during complete follow–up after diagnosis and treatment.
  • 343 CS patients and 34,300 controls were included. Mortality was twice as high in CS patients (HR 2.3, 95%CI 1.8–2.9) compared with controls.
  • Patients with CS were at increased risk for venous thromboembolism (HR 2.6, 95%CI 1.5–4.7), myocardial infarction (HR 3.7, 95%CI 2.4–5.5), stroke (HR 2.0, 95%CI 1.3–3.2), peptic ulcers (HR 2.0, 95%CI 1.1–3.6), fractures (HR 1.4, 95%CI 1.0–1.9), and infections (HR 4.9, 95%CI 3.7–6.4).
  • This increased multi–morbidity risk was present before diagnosis. Mortality and risk of myocardial infarction remained elevated during long–term follow–up.
  • Mortality and risks for AMI, VTE, stroke and infections were similarly increased in adrenal and pituitary CS.
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

For Cushing's Awareness Challenge Bloggers

Cushie bloggers - who would like to share your post on April 8 (Cushing's Awareness Day) with our friends at Adrenal Insufficiency United, on their blog?

Also, they are interested in sharing others of our posts from April.  Please let me know if I have your permission to share your blog post(s) with them.  I won't without your permission.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cushing's Awareness Blogging Challenge 2013

Do you blog? Want to get started?

Since April 8 is Cushing's Awareness Day, several people got their heads together to create the Second Annual Cushing's Awareness Blogging Challenge.

All you have to do is blog about something Cushing's related for the 30 days of April.

Robin designed this year's version of our "official logo" to put on your blogs.

Cushing's Awareness Challenge 2013

 If your blog wants you to upload an image from your desktop, right-click on the image above and choose "save-as". Remember where you saved it to! 

 To link to the image with the yellow border, use this URL: 

 To link to the image without a border, use this URL: 

 In all cases, the URL for the site is 

Please let me know the URL to your blog in the comments area of this post or and I will list it on CushieBloggers ( 

The more people who participate, the more the word will get out about Cushing's. 

  Suggested topics - or add your own!

In what ways have Cushing's made you a better person?
What have you learned about the medical community since you have become sick?
If you had one chance to speak to an endocrinologist association meeting, what would you tell them about Cushing's patients?
What would you tell the friends and family of another Cushing's patient in order to garner more emotional support for your friend?
Challenges with Cushing's? How have you overcome challenges? Stuff like that.
I have Cushing's Disease....(personal synopsis)
How I found out I have Cushing's
What is Cushing's Disease/Syndrome? (Personal variation, i.e. adrenal or pituitary or ectopic, etc.)
My challenges with Cushing's
Overcoming challenges with Cushing's (could include any challenges)
If I could speak to an endocrinologist organization, I would tell them...
. What would I tell others trying to be diagnosed? What would I tell families of those who are sick with Cushing's?
Treatments I've gone through to try to be cured/treatments I may have to go through to be cured.
What will happen if I'm not cured?
I write about my health because...
10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without.
My Dream Day.
What I learned the hard way
Miracle Cure. (Write a news-style article on a miracle cure. What’s the cure? How do you get the cure? Be sure to include a disclaimer)
Health Madlib Poem. Go to and fill in the parts of speech and the site will generate a poem for you.
The Things We Forget. Visit and make your own version of a short memo reminder. Where would you post it?
Give yourself, your condition, or your health focus a mascot. Is it a real person? Fictional? Mythical being? Describe them. Bonus points if you provide a visual!
5 Challenges and 5 Small Victories.
The First Time I...
Make a word cloud or tree with a list of words that come to mind when you think about your blog, health, or interests. Use a thesaurus to make it branch more.
How much money have you spent on Cushing's, or, How did Cushing's impact your life financially?
Why do you think Cushing's may not be as rare as doctors believe?
What is your theory about what causes Cushing's?
How has Cushing's altered the trajectory of your life? What would you have done? Who would you have been?
What three things has Cushing's stolen from you? What do you miss the most? What can you do in your Cushing's life to still achieve any of those goals? What new goals did Cushing's bring to you?
How do you cope?
What do you do to improve your quality of life as you fight Cushing's?
Your thoughts...?